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Product Description

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The WaterBoy is specifically designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for quality drinking water. Backed by the most recognisable name and undoubted market leader in water filtration technology, the WaterBoy prominently features the Brita imagery and name enhancing appeal. With its ability to dispense ambient, chilled, or even carbonated water, and with the additional option to add up to 4 flavourings to the dispensed drink, the WaterBoy is sure to delight time after time.

  • Brita AquaQuell 1.5 litre cartridge and head fitted as standard
  • Optional ultra violet purification system
  • Optional 2 or 4 syrup based flavourings including superb range of flavour “hinted” waters
  • Ambient, chilled and carbonated versions available
  • Internal storage for supplies of empty cups and/or products for the host machine
Water Options
Chiller “Ice Bank” type chiller providing high capacity to maintain delivery of cold drinks
Cooler/Carbonator Provides carbonation for deliciously refreshing fizzy cold drinks
UV Sterilisation System Additional water quality
Drink Options
Syrup upgrade 2 or 4 syrups can be chosen to provide a selection of flavoured drinks
Machine 780mm (w) x 1000mm (h) x 600mm (d)
Machine 85 kg
Machine with Water Chiller 96 kg
Machine with Cooler/Carbonator 96 kg
Operating Voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz, single phase
Maximum power consumption 300W (13 A fuse, 5A internal fuse)
Power Cable 1.5 metre mains lead
Machine Payment Systems
  • The machine can be used as a slave to several DarenthMJS hot drinks machines, eliminating the need for a separate payment system altogether with the obvious cost savings
  • The Waterboy is also equally capable of operating in a stand alone format as either a free vend machine or can even be fitted with its own coin validator which accepts all coins
  • High visibility digital display with scrolling messages and full audit trail facility
  • Free vend master override switch
  • I-Key cashless payment system compatible
  • Ice Bank chiller for serving refreshingly ice cold drinks
  • Ultra Violet water purification system
  • Cooler/ carbonator to provide users with a choice of still or sparkling drinks options
  • 2 or 4 flavour syrup upgrade
  • Low CO2 pressure sensor
  • Compatible with a wide range of DarenthMJS host machines to offer a complete refreshment solution

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