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Product Description

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Everybody appreciates a coffee break. Especially when it gives them the opportunity to get their hands on a lovely cup of delicious, freshly brewed tea, coffee or bean to cup coffee. That is why we offer you our 7100 Plus with new modern, tasteful, tabletop models, that will be at home in any environment.

Attractive and user-friendly

The classic, elegant Wittenborg 7100 series launch a stylish makeover that embraces a cool, contemporary design. There is a newly developed user interface featuring a back-lit, touch sensitive selection panel alongside a new graphical display.

Innovation on the inside

When you open the machine, you immediately see the ingenious, practical coffee concept and realise why the combination of the latest vending technology and the unique water and mixing system make the machine so easy to maintain and so quick to fill. The machine also has colour coded parts indicating what needs to be cleaned.

Drinks to suit all tastes

You can look forward to your next coffee break! Because the 7100 Plus by Wittenborg brings you exceptional taste sensations based on freshbrew tea, freshbrew coffee, or bean to cup coffee ...And satisfies even your wildest dreams!

In Wittenborg, we continually strive to develop and manufacture our products to the highest environmentally friendly standards. Therefore, our factory is now certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

7100 PLUS is going green with improved boiler insulation for both Espresso and Freshbrew versions, giving an energy saving from 20% to 39% compared to the uninsulated boiler (standby mode).

FB 7100 PLUS obtained a B Energy Rating, according to EVA EMP 3.0 standard.

The ES 7100 Plus is based on coffee beans, which guarantees espresso of the highest quality.

With its flexible configuration options, programmable cleaning cycle and optimised filling and maintenance procedures, the 7100 Plus series are perfect for offices, administration buildings, reception areas, kitchenettes and canteens.

With the option to install a coin mechanism or cashless system and a wide selection of accessories, it ticks all the right boxes for a modern coffee solution, whatever your taste!

The freshbrew model - available in coffee or tea versions - gives you plenty of choice and is particularly user friendly. The obvious solution if you want to put a premium on versatility and want to be sure users always get what they want.

  • New intuitive user interface ‘touch on icon’ technology, elegant design with back-lit branding area and highlighted coffee window.
  • The 7100 Plus machine has a large, ergonomically designed coffee canister with a capacity of more than 200 cups of coffee. The container makes the coffee tantalizingly visible to users and can easily be pulled out and refilled while still in the machine.
  • The 7100 Plus reveals its functionally designed interior with smooth surfaces, clear colour coding and easy access to all serviceable parts. This ensures easy, rapid and effective cleaning and maintenance.
  • A completely new feature for the 7100 Plus is a 5.7” video screen. This can be used to display videos and static images. The screen is a great marketing tool for your business, giving you the opportunity to advertise your products to customers and employees.

Payment systems

The 7100 PLUS is compatible with all major coin and cashless systems for N&W Global, and it is ready for installation of systems using Executive and MDB protocol (depending on the version). It is possible to install up to 2 systems (depending on the physical dimensions of the systems):

  • Coin mechanism
  • Coin mechanism + Cashless
Dimensions (W x D x H)

450 x 475 x 870 mm

  • Coffee or Tea strength
  • Extra Whitener
Drinks Menu
  • Freshbrew Coffee – black
  • Freshbrew Coffee – white
  • Instant Coffee – black
  • Instant Coffee – white
  • Bean/Freshbrew Cappuccino with chocolate
  • Bean/Freshbrew Cappuccino without chocolate
  • Instant Cappuccino with chocolate
  • Instant Cappuccino without chocolate
  • Freshbrew Espressochoc
  • Instant Espressochoc
  • Chocolate
  • Creamichoc
  • Hot Water
  • Multibrew
  • Coffee or Tea strength
  • Extra Whitener
Drinks Menu
  • Freshbrew Tea – black
  • Freshbrew Tea – white
  • Instant Coffee – black
  • Instant Coffee – white
  • Instant Cappuccino with chocolate
  • Instant Cappuccino without chocolate
  • Chocolate
  • Creamichoc
  • Hot Water
  • Multibrew
Container Size Capacity
Freshly ground coffee 5.5 Ltr 20 kg
Freshbrew tea 5.5 Ltr 23 kg
Coffee beans 6.0 Ltr 2.2 kg
Sugar (optionally replaces Instant Coffee) 2.6 Ltr 2.5 kg
Whitener/Topping/Milk 2.6 Ltr 1.2 kg
Chocolate 2.6 Ltr 1.5 kg
Instant coffee 2.6 Ltr 0.7 kg
Cold water connection ¾” RG
Pressure (hot beverage versions only) 0.8 – 10 Bar
Voltage 230 V
Current 10 A / 13 A fused
Frequency 50 Hz
Wattage: 2-2.45 kW
Idle phase: 59.5 Wh/h
Energy saving: 38.2 Wh/h

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