N&W Snakky Max Green 6-30 Combi

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Product Description

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Big snacks, great value

The Snakky Max Green offers high quality snack and drinks vending solutions for a variety of medium to large environments. This sturdy yet stylish machine includes the ability to customise various combinations of products for an array of environments. It is also available to cater for foods that wouldn’t be suited to normal vending machine conditions due to its innovative insulation cells and built-in temperature controls.

The Snakky Max Green from Necta allows a refreshment service to be offered to smaller offices, or sites where space is limited, and is designed to sit alongside the Astro hot drink machine to offer a full refreshment solution. The compact footprint ensures smooth delivery into the tightest spaces.

Compact yet offering a fantastic selection of snacks, confectionery, cans and bottles - up to a capacity of 300 items. Alternatively, snack only and can and bottle models are available.

Snakky Max Green can act as a host or slave. The Astro and Kikko Max hot drinks machines complement the Snakky Max and can act as a host or slave - offering a compact full refreshment solution. A host can manage up to two slave machines and share one payment system. Additional features such as virtual and combined selections make it simple to set up promotional offers and multivend discounts.

To ensure client satisfaction, the Snakky Max Green has a sensor in the delivery area which detects if a product has actually been vended. If the item is not dispensed, the machine instructs the spiral to turn again until it is released or it will refund money. The ergonomic patented delivery bin opens outward to ensure vended products are easy to pick up - even with one hand.

As you would expect from Necta, the Snakky Max Green is an operator’s dream as replenishing stocks couldn’t be simpler, with pull out trays which tilt to allow easy access. The large double glazed window and black interior allow products to be displayed to optimum effect.

  • Energy rated in class A
  • New directional LED lighting
  • New energy efficient processor
  • N&W were first in the business to achieve ISO 14OO1
  • We lead the way with lean, green production processes
  • Avex 2OO7 Awards: ‘Best Sustainability’
  • Vending Paris 2OO8 Awards: ‘Best Sustainable Development & The Environment’
  • We apply Life Cycle Product Design
  • We adhere to a stringent Environmental Management System
  • We adopt product Life Cycle Assessment
  • We’re proud to be a member of the EMP committee
Product Features
  • Complete refreshment service offering a choice of snacks, confectionery, cans and bottles.
  • Compact footprint to allow access via narrow doorways.
  • Large glass door for optimal visibility of products.
  • Extremely compact yet offering a fantastic selection of 30 products.
  • Flexible layout with option for snacks and confectionery only or can & bottles.
  • Vend detector system ensures trouble free dispensing.
  • Designed to be banked alongside the Astro, Kikko Max drinks or Snakky Max Green snack machine to offer a full refreshment service.
  • Virtual and combined selections - perfect for promotional offers and multi vend discounts.
  • Slide in/out compartment for housing up to 3 payment systems - note loader, coin mechanism and cashless system.
Dimensions (W x D x H)

735 x 853 x 1830 mm

Product Weight: 190kg
Number of Trays: 6
Temperature: Uniform (5-80C) or varied (10-150C in upper trays and 5-70C in lower trays)
Colour of Drawers: Black
Spirals Colour: Metal
Door Material Display: Double glazed laminated
Price Banks: Programmable
Security: Anti vandalism keypad
Payment System: Compatible with all major coin and cashless systems using Executive, BDV or MDB protocol. Snakky Max can act as a host or slave to the - sharing only one payment system.
Machine Display: 4 Line blue alphanumeric display.
Electrical Services
Voltage: 230 V
Current: 13 Amp fused
Frequency: 50 Hz
Maximum Consumption: 6.38 Kwh (24 hours)
Refrigeration Capacity of Cooling Unit: 620 W

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